Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Office workstation plays a vital role for an employee of any office and nowadays due to technological advancements it makes ones office to be more flexible and accessible by offering multitude of possibilities. They are commonly connected to a local area network and run multi – user operating system.
 Proper design and style to the workstations lets out a company to be more efficient in using its work place area. In addition workstation also provides certain amount of privacy
1.      Linear workstation or Straight workstation
2.      Cluster workstations or L shaped workstations
3.      Single seater workstations
4.      Single pentagon workstation
5.      Four Seater back to back workstation
6.      Four Seater pentagon workstation
7.      Cubicle workstation
Easy access to power, phone and data cabling
Removable panel skin can be changed for a new look
Create diverse work settings within a given space
Supports the changing needs of fixed and workers and organization

Enable the design of a variety of work spaces to meet the diverse needs of different activities.

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