Monday, 29 August 2016


An office should be a nice and cozy place to work. The most important factor in making an office a cool place to work is interior design. An organized and clean work space is one of the vital factors in any sort of work we should take into consideration and make them as useful and nice as possible.
Modern offices and buildings are big, open halls; it is desirable to have the flexibility to divide large areas into smaller useable units like meeting and conference rooms, offices, There are countless options to create trendy spaces with customized Full height cabins & cubicles, low height workstations enclosure, separate room, canteens, pantry, utilities etc.
Room dividers can be made from many materials, including wood, glass, aluminum, laminate, wooden, fabric
The use of these glass partitions help in enhancing the ambiance of official and commercial establishments
Wooden Partition is another range of modular partition The use of these partitions give richness to the interior of the establishments. High quality particle board, commercial ply and waterproof ply is used
The different kinds of options are glazed, custom, decorative, adjustable. Using acoustic, high resistance technique is also used in wooden partition. It is completely sound proof. And the partition can be removable.


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