Monday, 3 July 2017


                                                2D VIEWS

                    Interior Designing is not just a part of décor or putting in the things accessories etc. at right place or at the respective space. In fact the very first step of designing starts with proper planning and location of room with furniture placement at their respective places and it is started by proper floor plan layouts.  There are two kinds of layouts popularly known as residential and commercial layouts.  Both the layouts are very different from each other yet they share few common factors to be taken care of while planning. 2D plan layouts helps us in planning the space accordingly giving the appropriate area to the respective rooms according to general dimension, occupants needs, life style and personal preferences. It’s the first foremost step to start with a new project
               Drawings are the only medium through which express our design idea and can reach our clients mind. 2D Floor plan illustrations are a simple and easy to use service which improves basic black and white plans and ensures no unnecessary information is provided to make things easier for our customers.
                Creating a 2D floor plan in Sketch Up is possible by setting the view to Floor Plan and defining specific boundaries. It is important to maintain this view during your project. The advantages of 2D floor plans are they are often seen as the easiest and most cost effective way to understand a floor plan/design even by a layman. But on the other hand they do not provide any kind of 3D or perspective view to the client.

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